Latest Free Credits Bonus From Co8bet

New Bonus is up for our current players and new register players. This bonus is special because there is no need to make a deposit. so it can easily be called as no deposit free bonus.

Want to get this awesome bonus? The reason we give out so many free credits is because as one of the most trusted Malaysia Online Casino, we always on the look out for our loyal players.

This new free Credit is RM 5 puzzle credits, where you only need to screen shot and win the RM 5. The amount is converts into casino credits where you can use it to play all the games in our online casino.

Games like 918Kiss Malaysia, Joker123, Live11 and even Lucky Palace can be play and you can win and withdraw up to a maximum of RM 100.

We also would like to introduce the Joker123 Malaysia Casino where inside have lots and lots of fun slot game to play.

With no restriction on which game to play on, players will be free to choose their favorites gaming platform and will be even more confidence to win.

This is why this bonus is so special. Don’t miss out on this extra bonus from Co8bet and get your piece of the Free Credits Now.


The bonuses above had expired but we have more new bonus in the coming month and right now are running multiple type of bonus at once. That is the deposit bonus for all of our games.

From 918kiss to Rollex to Mega888 and Lucky Palace, we have different scheme of deposit bonus. With each deposit you will be entitled to get 5% to 10% of extra deposit bonus ie extra credits.