Players are flocking to play Newtown Game NTC33

Newtown casino is one of the most popular online casino game here in Co8bet, not only because before this it is already well known by the name newtown but also because of their top live game where players can have many new things to play. Before Newtown arrive, most players only able to choose what kind of slot game to play for especially for players who played online game from SCR888. Even though there are many platform where live online casino game is available to play, but for players of SCR888 or the right now called 918kiss, these platform are quite different when it comes to appearance and even the steps to play is quite steeps. Newtown changes that all.

Newtown Casino or NTC33 Casino the best type of live and slot game

Newtown is the best not only because of the play style and easy to learn but also because NTC33 or newtown is EASY. All you need to do is to register newtown account, Download Newtown into your smartphone and walla, deposit the amount you want to play with and you an straight away playing without much problems.

We talk about this process above before but many might not know that, in Co8bet here, when you register for the very first time, you will get the newtown account automatically and there is no need to register for separate account all together. This is the biggest difference between playing newtown and others online casino platform. Actually it is not only newtown, but when you register here and made the very first deposit, you will already have suncity casino account, Rollex11, and also sportsbook account all together. All left is only telling our customer service what kind of game you want to play and they will send the login details to you. Newtown APK is also light weight even though it comes with two types ie live game and slot game.

So don’t worry about downloading bloated apps, as newtown is light enough and do not slow down your phone performance. Newtown casino game also comes with high end quality of slot game graphics not the 4K type since who needs 4K anyway, but fully in 720 and 1080 resolutions. Sames goes to the live game in newtown too.

That is why newtown is now consider as the best place to play live game and slot game all together. A single platform without the needs of changing.