Responsible Gaming

Gambling is a worldwide popular form of recreations and can be both fun and rewarding. Co8 Team firmly believe that gambling is a personal choice and no one should be under pressure in order to gamble. Our priority is to ensure and to provide the best online casino experiences for all our customers in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. In order for our online casino to be the best in Malaysia, we will always strive to provide the best service and hope that our players will always be gambling responsibly and not gamble under any pressure or being forced to do so.

Here are Some of the do’s and don’ts before gambling.

  • You are not of the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction.
  • Your country do not permit gambling.
  • You are a gambling addict, have the tendency to become an addict
  • easily or recovering from gambling addictions.
  • You are under the influences of Drugs, Alcohol or any other
  • substances that can effect your decision making.
  • You are using gambling as a path to cover daily losses and gamble suing borrowed money.

Many people in the world view and enjoyed gambling as a from of stress reliever, and harmless way to escape daily tensions during working hours. But there are some group that this fun activity have become troublesome and brings problems to their daily life. Compulsive gamblers not only is ruining their own life but they also tarnished the reputations of land base and online casino as well.

Like their land-based gaming counterparts, the CO8 team is well trained and equipped to spot and identify the troubling signs of compulsive gambling in its players. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and top-notch gaming environment for all but at the same time, also help people who are in need of our assistance.

CO8 believes in providing quality service by being both socially conscientious and compliant to the wishes of our “good-intention” players. Thanks to their long experience in the industry of casino management, the CO8 are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to successfully identify the signs of compulsive gambling. With this experience, the team aims to help compulsive gamblers who are in need, outside of the casino.

Gamblers Anonymous is a popular organization that was founded with the purpose of helping and providing support to problematic and compulsive gamblers. The body is made up of a fellowship of men and women with one common trait, the conscious desire to stop gambling compulsively. They pool their experiences, strengths and hope to overcome their addictions together. If you or someone you know is in need of their help, do not hesitate to contact them at: Gambleranonymous

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