Sportsbook Football Betting – How to Count Over and Under Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is one of the most famous type of sportsbook betting in Malaysia. But even though it id famous, many do not know how to count the points in Asian Handicap especially the over under. This is why today we present a full list and tutorials on how to see the Asian handicap sports betting charts and how to count the over under points. With the chart below, you will be able to determine the winning amount, how to place bet on over under and how to count the final points in order to win Asian handicap over under football betting game.

There are two side in this sports betting charts. One is negative points, and another is positive points. The counting is essentially the same, just we list it down anyway in order for it to be much moire clearer. In case you still unable to understand the meaning of the football betting charts on over-under points, feel free to contact our online customer  service for more clarification. they will be happy to guide you through.

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