Terms And Conditions

General Terms

By registering and visiting our site Co8bet.com you are here by agree to adhere to the rules,Terms and Conditions on Co8bet.com (Co8bet, Co8bet.com, site, Website). You are also responsible to present and uses the site only if you are over the age of 18 or 21 depending on each country legal age of consent.Co8bet reserve the right to amend the rights to change or amends any section in this terms and conditions from time to time and it is the users responsibilities to check on our terms and conditions from time to time.

Game Right and Uses of Co8bet.com

All games in co8bet.com are the original providers of slot game, live game, sportsbook and Lotto. Co8bet, Co8bet.com, are the sole rights of Co8bet.com and Co8bet.com do not give permission nor consent to any site, person, agents to use our company name.


To register an account in Co8bet.com, players agree to use only real name, similar to that from members bank account and each member or player in Co8bet.com here only can have one account. Co8bet reserve the right to cancel out multiple account(s) that we found out to be under the same person. Bonus in Co8bet includes Welcome Bonus, Daily Deposit Bonus and Cash Back Bonus. All bonus in Co8bet.com comes with Rollover requirement. Cash Back Bonus comes with a maximum withdrawal limit.


All games in co8bet.com comes with bonuses, unless stated otherwise. Bonus in co8bet.com comes in a general rules where it can only be taken by (1) person from (1) IP address. From time to time Co8bet.com will be having different kind of bonus depending on the promotion season by the Co8bet.com department.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Co8bet minimum deposit amount is RM 30 and Minimum Withdrawal amount is RM 50. Each deposit amount also will be subjected to the Turnover or Rollover requirements depending on the bonus that is running.Each deposit amount also must clearly shown to be belonging to the account holder and Co8bet reserve the right to withold any payment that do not have clear identifications and payment that we can’t be sure of whose/whom the amount belongs to.Co8bet do not accept any kind of payment from company account and we only accept payment via personal account as Co8bet is a gaming site and for personal entertainment site.

Maximum Withdrawal Per Day

From time to time there will be maximum time of withdrawal per day depending on the level of account holder. Different levels of account holder will have different maximum levels of withdrawal time. Maximum withdrawal amount limit per day ( accumulated ) and ( counted from all withdrawal ) are RM 50,000. Maximum payout for any games are RM 100,000 .